Visual Arts Activities

Arts are the essence of human culture and the expression of beauty. Children can derive pleasure and satisfaction from arts. Art activities not only cultivate children’s interest in arts, but also nurture their attitude of lifelong learning and promote positive personality development. Allow children to participate in diversified art activities and widen their exposure to different works of arts in order to broaden their understanding about arts, and nurture their aesthetic sense and appreciative capabilities. [Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017)]

Our kindergarten uses picture books as a starting point for children to think and discuss, so as to build the children’s character strengths. Through the use of picture books, moral education can develop students’ “growth mindset” by means of interesting stories. Picture Books Teaching is based on the themes of Bible stories and positive elements, combined with spiritual and aesthetic creative activities. The children will always be grateful and cherish everything they have, hold a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and bravely face the challenges and difficulties of life and growth.

Visual Arts Exhibition