Learning Through Play-Tree House Adventure

To facilitate the development of positive school, our kindergarten is dedicated to nurturing different positive qualities in children, of which “perseverance” is essential to the growth and achievement of the children in the future.

Challenging gross motor coordination activities promote children’s development of perseverance. In view of this, our kindergarten makes use of our unique garden and builds a tree house. With the help of professional coaches, adventure activities that facilitate the development and learning of children have been designed. They can discover their abilities and strengths, thus helping them develop growth mindset.

Children cross different obstacles and enter the tree house to develop body co-ordination.

Children and their peers pull the pulley together to get the mission card from the bucket.

Children learn to communicate and coordinate with the teammates in the tree house in order to open the gate and let them slide.

Children carefully pass the ropes course and bring the mission card to the finishing point.