Religious and Moral Education

Every year, our kindergarten joins the “Yan Chai Hospital Moral and Civic Education Award Scheme” to design the Religious and Moral Education curriculum with different themes in a systematic way. These different themes are aligned with correct religious and moral values, thus nurturing students to put moral values into action.


Launch Ceremony of Moral Education Project

Our school will take "Love Children, Joy in Verbena" as the theme of the Moral and Civic Education Program this academic year. It is for cultivate students' positive values and build an optimistic and positive attitude to life with joy, kindness and Love.

Religious Education Curriculum

In the weekly worship for children, students can learn more about God through songs, prayers and Bible stories.

During Religious festivals, different speakers will be invited to preach in a creative way.

“ICAN Whole Person Education” Pre-school Programme

As the core of moral education, “ICAN Whole Person Education Pre-school Programme” helps children improve their “mental quality” and develop a “positive mindset”, thus carrying out “moral education” which consists of knowledge, attitudes, values and skills.

Application of Moral Education

Flag-selling (Care about society)

Cleaning the School (Develop sense of responsibility)

Courtesy Ambassador (Cultivate virtues)