English and Mandarin

Early Childhood is the golden period for language learning. In order to enrich the language environment of children, our kindergarten hires Native-English teachers to provide a rich and interesting foreign language learning experience.


English Curriculum


Our kindergarten uses phonics as the learning approach, with the aim of allowing students to build a solid foundation for English learning. Students can learn the pronunciation of letters and related words, as well as promoting phonological awareness and blending skills in phonics.

Jolly Phonics, a phonics programme from the United Kingdom, is incorporated with musical movement in our course to help students immerse in an all-English lesson more quickly and easily.

English Shared Reading Activities

Our kindergarten has participated in the “Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level Project” and “Quality English Language Education Project-Extended Scheme” promoted by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research since 2007. Under the Seed Project, our K.2 and K.3 teachers receive trainings on all-English Shared Reading Activities.

Mandarin Activities

According to children’s abilities, interests and needs, we create a themed language environment for students to learn authentic Mandarin.